Wood landscape edging for solid, attractive border edges

The wood container brings the beauty of flowers and plants to front walkways and steps, decks, window ledges, or your location of choice

Greenes wooden fencing—from picket fences to garden fences 

Raised bed garden kits for bountiful gardens made simple

Greenes garden stakes and lodgepoles: support for trees and plants

Cedar Walkways

Greenes Fence has the products you need to make any landscape edging or garden project a success. Explore our selection of high-quality wooden fencing, raised bed gardens, landscape edging, and garden stakes. We offer a variety of styles, colors, and materials to fit your climate and personal taste.

Decorative yet functional, our landscape and garden products are created to enhance your property. We design them with you in mind—crafting them from eco-friendly materials and making them easy to assemble or install.

For your convenience, many of our wooden fencing, landscape edging, and raised bed garden products are available for purchase through this site; you can buy others, including our garden stakes, at your local landscape and garden product retailer.